OpenAdmin Tool for Informix

Database Management System: A Comprehensive Guide

OpenAdmin Tool for Informix is a PHP-based Web browser administration tool for managing one or more Informix database servers. OpenAdmin Tool provides the ability to monitor and administer multiple Informix database server instances from a single location. Some features in the OpenAdmin Tool include:

Health Center: Allows you to analyze the current state of the server with detailed statistics and alert information

Space Administration: A centralized place to monitor and manage storage space on your Informix server. From one place, you can mointor and analyze current space usage as well as add spaces and chunks; configure a storage pool; compress, shrink, and repack tables and fragments; defragment tables, fragments, and indexes; and configure automatic space optimization policies. Also manage and administer checkpoints, the physical and logical logs, and backups.

Performance Analysis: Get high quality and detailed performance statistics about your databases with the SQL exploration of each table, statement, or transaction. Query drill down and session exploration provide detailed information about every aspect of transactions and statement types.

Logs: View previous administration commands, recent messages from the online log, and the latest back up and recovery information from the ON-Bar Activity log.

Task Scheduler: View and update Scheduler tasks to be run at the current server

Server Administration: Configure and validate your servers; manage privleges and trusted contexts; configure and manager an automatic update statistics maintenance system.

MACH: Administer high availability (MACH) clusters

Replication: The IBM Informix Replication Plug-in for OpenAdmin Tool can be used to do remote graphical setup, administration, and monitoring of replication - on the grid level, on the Enterprise Replication domain level, on the node level, and on the replication level. It provides complete control over grids of replication servers, the replication servers themselves, replication sets and provides failed transaction recovery options and Connection Manager load balancing options.

Schema Manager: The IBM Informix Schema Manager Plug-in for OpenAdmin Tool can be used to view database and table objects. It also provides wizards to create databases; create, drop, and truncate tables; create and drop indexes; and load or unload data from external tables.

Health Advisor:The IBM Informix Health Advisor Plug-in for OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) analyzes the state of Informix database servers with a series of alarms that check conditions on the database server, including configuration, operating system, performance, storage, and Enterprise Replication. Use the plug-in to create profiles that specify the alarms that are enabled and the thresholds for the alarms, Schedule tasks to run the Health Advisor with specific profiles at regular intervals, specify who receives an email notification of the results, run a health check on demand and view the report.

SQL Toolbox: Explore your databases, view table statistics, browser schemas, run queries, and view query plans.

Plug-in Manager: Easily customize and extend OpenAdmin Tool functionaity using the Plug-in Manager.

Help: View online resources for using the OpenAdmin Tool for Informix. You can easily plug in your own extensions to OpenAdmin to create the functionality you need. OpenAdmin is an open-source program that you can download.